Saturday, March 6, 2010

SEVN is now blogging here

This blog will be used to record the design, creation and operation of the Social Enterprise Value Network (SEVN)- a nonprofit organization providing services to Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises to help them become more effective, efficient and successful in achieving their missions.

SEVN plans to attract startup and early stage operational funding in the form of tax deductible "directed donations" from individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors/

SEVN is in discussion with The Calvert Giving Fund Calvert Giving Fund: to enable the flow of tax deductible donations for specific SEVN projects.


A first list of the projects includes:
  • The Linked Open Data Exchange which will serve as a public clearing house for validating, certifying and exchanging semantically tagged metadata ( to comply with W3C semantic standards. The LODX will be supported by annual membership fees, certification fees, and fees for collaborative design services for the definition, certification and execution of interoperable linked data ontologies.
  • The development and deployment of The Social Enterprise Directory for Social Entrepreneurs, Social Capital funders, Social Enterprises, Social Enterprise projects. The Directory will use LDX to certify that its entries will be compliant with W3C semantic standards. The Directory will serve as an epicenter for finding people, professional services,best practices, and other resources that will add value to and increase the effectiveness of Social Enterprises. The Directory will generate cash flows from Directory users subscriptions and customized matching services.
  • The SEVN Pavilion on the InnoCentive open innovation platform to support the use of Innocentive's proven prize challenge Seeker/Solver process for "crowd sourcing" innovations with specific focus on developing innovative solutions in the Social Enterprise environment. A unique use of the Pavilion will be in creating challenges that yield funding solutions for Social Enterprises.
A Social Capital funding mechanism that provides Social Entrepreneurs with "just-in-time" access to financing from accredited investors who wish to support social ventures or specific social projects. We will model this funding service after the Spencer Trask Value Creation Network,Spencer Trask & Company and if possible partner with Spencer Trask to provide Social Capital funding using their existing network. Successful Social Capital funding projects will generate fee for service income as a percentage of the capital raised.

The Virtual Visuals graphic facilitation service will manage and visually record online meetings sponsored by SEVN or SEVN clients. Virtual Visual practitioners will also be engaged in supporting clients in the collaborative design and deployment of metadata ontologies for inclusion in the LDX and for use in their own needs for data sharing and interoperability. Virtual Visuals will generate fee for service income from the above activities.

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